Available for bookings from September 2018 and throughout 2019.

“The Tour of Britain” Tour of Britain

 A unique and beautiful journey in song from the far North to the deep South of the British Isles, visiting famous landmarks and unearthing some hidden gems from our lovely country along the way, with stories and anecdotes from this entertaining duo.

Linda Watkins is no stranger to the folk scene, writing beautiful ballads some of which we can expect to hear during this performance alongside traditional folk song in Welsh and English. Expect to be truly intrigued and surprised in equal measure!

Simon Loake is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist providing exquisite accompaniment to the song selection. Add to this his great sense of humour and an ability to tell a good tale or two and you know the evening will be enjoyable. He may even sing a song or two!

Linda and Simon


tour of Britain pic